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Stacy is an amazing, intelligent, compassionate woman! Her biofeedback practice is unique and different than other energy techniques I have tried. Most importantly, IT WORKS! My son and I have both been suffering from traumatic brain injuries. Stacy has been able to alleviate a great deal of our pain. She works well with children and adults because she is patient, kind and truly wants to help others. She is very knowledgeable about biofeedback AND essential oils. I feel incredibly blessed to know her.


Mary W.

Biofeedback is where it's at! I adore Stacy and this work is so special. It has the capacity to release and smooth and clear in ways other therapies cannot. It is totally gentle, non-invasive and feels great. When I leave, I am always exhilarated and feeling 100%. (And I have walked in when I was -100!!!) the addition of Zyto Scan is perfection. If you have never tried this- you should. It's great for anxiety, sleeplessness, depression, recovery of any kind, bipolar, pain issues, emotional issues (such as grief) ....and a billion other issues! Stacy is a totally kind heart to sit in the presence of...

Michelle W.

Through her incredible bio-feedback and comforting spirit, Stacy helped me through the most difficult time in my life- the loss of my sister. I have to admit that prior to working with Stacy, I was a little skeptical about this technique for healing. The emotional transformation that I experienced through ongoing bio-feedback treatments gave me the strength and promise I needed to embrace each day after a devastating loss. I will forever credit my healing and growth to Stacy's commitment to helping me work through the emotional and physical toll that is inevitably faced when suffering any type of loss. While Stacy's bio-feedback also helped with more minor issues such as headaches and digestive problems, the emotional work that was achieved through this method of healing is what remains the most remarkable for me.

Josette M.

When Stacy told me she could use biofeedback on me here in Chicago from California, I was a little skeptical. I was under an enormous amount of stress and was willing to try anything, With only 1 session, my stress lifted and I felt so much lighter! It was amazing. I wholeheartedly recommend Bio-Balance Stress Relief to everyone!!! Stacy is great!!

A. Lister

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