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Our Services

Because of the vast differences in our clients, we believe in an individualized approach. We tailor each appointment to the specific needs of our clients, incorporating the following:

Bio-Balance Stress Relief Stacy Rago
L.I.F.E. System Biofeedback


The L.I.F.E. System is an advanced electro-physiological Biofeedback device designed to aide in the reduction of stress and the promotion of muscle relaxation.  Biofeedback reduces anxiety, depression, moodiness, anger, and impulsivity, while improving sleep and mental clarity, as well as addressing numerous other specific physical and emotional issues.  Biofeedback services are offered both in office and remotely for clients outside the area.

Bio-Balance Stress Relief Stacy Rago
Light Therapy


The In Light Wellness System uses light therapy to support clients suffering from depression, pain, seasonal affective disorder, skin conditions, autism spectrum disorders, and numerous other conditions.  Light Therapy is a safe and effective treatment offered in the Bio-Balance Stress relief's comfortable and conveniently located office in Livermore, CA.

Bio-Balance Stress Relief Stacy Rago

What to Expect

You’ll experience biofeedback while comfortably seated in a quiet room.  The biofeedback practitioner places sensors on certain areas of your body, such as your wrists and ankles, which sends in electronic pulses. 


The biofeedback practitioner monitors the pulses and how your body responds using

specific biofeedback software, and makes adjustments during the session to address specific issues that arise through the process.  Additionally, you can bring in a list of things you want to address, too.  


Biofeedback ultimately reinforces your desired physiological state. The data obtained from the session is collected and available for immediate display and discussion.


If you are looking for a mind-body approach to facilitate changes to thoughts, emotions, behavior or physical ailments, put biofeedback on your list!  Biofeedback has been found to be effective for the treatment of headaches and migraines in addition to an array of physical and emotional issues.

Wellness Support / iTOVi scanning


dōTERRA essential oils and personal care products sold through Bio-Balance Stress Relief are used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications.  Both single oils, oil blends, and a variety of related products are used topically, internally, and aromatically to promote healing and balance.  The iTOVi personal products scanner uses proven scientific technology and a patented algorithm to evaluate clients' specific needs and recommend the essential oil products that will best address them.

Bio-Balance Stress Relief Stacy Rago
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